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  • 06F (0603) chip fuse, fast-blow


    patch self-recovery fuses can be categorized according to size: 0402, 0603, 1206, 1812, 2920, etc. if the chip fuse has high requirements, it is usually made of thin film and has ultra-low internal resistance. it is suitable for overcurrent protection...

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  • 06T (0603) chip fuse slow blow


    slow-blow fuses are ideal for circuits that contain transient current surges or power-on surges. these circuits include: motors transformers incandescent lamps and applicable load devices. fast-reacting fuses react quickly and are suitable for elect...

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  • 40F (4012) chip fuse, fast blown


    3d专业走势图彩宝网40f (4012) chip fuse, fast blown american standard2.6× 6.1mm fast acting smd fuses...

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  • HDRF J Series American Fast Fuse


    3d专业走势图彩宝网main material information (touch knife: tinned brass; tube: ceramic tube, fiberglass tube; melt: pure silver; filler: high purity quartz sand;)...

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Dongguan Hongda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection of nearly 20 years of experience, specializing in current fuses, thermal fuses, fuse resistors (winding resistors, fuse resistors) thermostats, automotive fuses, photovoltaic fuses and charging posts Manufacturers of fuse-related parts manufacturing. [Learn more]+
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  • 资质证书资质证书
  • 资质证书资质证书
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    3d专业走势图彩宝网the self-recovering fuse is a conductive polymer material with positive temperature coefficient characteristics, and the most significant difference between it and the fuse is that the former can be re...

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